Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD shows up in different ways and in how much it affects your daily life. I treat people who are fairly new to OCD or whose symptoms are starting to get worse.

OCD can be really confusing. It can make you worried and anxious. It can also eat up your time and your thinking space. I’d like to help you learn to decrease your symptoms and have more time and thinking space for other things.

Mary Cross CBT therapist

I can help you move toward trusting your reason, evidence, and yourself. This takes some “homework” and commitment to try out new CBT based tools and techniques.


I use Cognitive Bahavioural Therapy (CBT) and draw in other approaches as needed. I work to help people with intrusive thoughts, images or urges to mange or reduce them. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy helps you to recognize OCD and counter it with tools and techniques to decease the stress of your thoughts.

A short video about how CBT can help OCD


Getting a diagnosis is helpful. It can help you understand what is going on. This will also ensure that your symptoms aren’t from another disorder or condition. You can see your family doctor for a free referral to a Psychiatrist who can make a diagnosis. They may also prescribe medication that can be helpful.

But, you do not have to have an official diagnosis to work with me, as I know wait times to see Psychiatrists can be long.

Distress Tolerance and Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy (ERP)

After learning some CBT skills and practising some tools, we move on to distress tolerance techniques, and we sometimes move on to Exposure and Response Prevention therapy (ERP).

I take it slow, work with you but also encourage you to try new things and see if they are helpful.

More information on my approach to EXPOSURE THERAPY


MORE INFO on OCD from the American Psychiatric Association – What Is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

TREATMENT for more severe OCD can include staying at a specialized facility and get daily treatment by experts or “inpatient” treatment. Here are some links:

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