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Many people have a fear or phobia. It can get in the way of your life if it is stopping you from doing or experiencing some things. Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is a research based effective therapy approach to helping fears and phobias. I combine CBT with Exposure Therapy to aid you in overcoming your fears. I aim to empower you!

I help people with any type of phobia.

Mary Cross, MSW RSW


I take a very gentle and collaborative approach to helping people with exposure therapy. I like to really get to know you and support you and your goals for therapy in the beginning. I offer you some stress reduction and coping tools to learn first.

I use a graded exposure approach in which you create a Fear Ladder or Fear Hierarchy. We talk a lot about the steps on it and what feels right to you. Exposure therapy essentially desensitizes you to your fear or phobia bit by bit. It can feel amazing to conquer it at each level!

If you would like to discuss your situation with me, get to know me and ask me more about my approach – feel free to book a Free Consult using the link below.

CONTACT ME – by phone or text (226) 770-0336, or email

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