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I want to help you manage and decrease stress and worry by using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT. CBT for stress & worry can help.

Mary Cross, CBT Therapist

You might be ruminating (thinking about past events, “mistakes” or conversations) or worrying about future events “what if” thinking. These thoughts can cause you stress, make it harder to fall asleep and get in the way of your life. You might have a lot on your plate to juggle and need some help with stress reduction. I can help!

My Approach

I will to get to know you, your history and what’s worrying you. I will support you (and challenge you to change unhelpful thoughts or actions) and give you other ways at look at things. Plus, I will give you tools and techniques to help you feel less stressed and worried.

Using CBT and DBT skills, , I empower you to heal yourself. This is because the change needs to come from you – from learning about what stress and worries really are, what helpful worrying versus unhelpful worrying is, and how to change your worried thinking.

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